Emund Eriksson

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Emund Eriksson

King of Sweden


House of Munsö


Emund Eriksson (?- c. 970), (English: Edmund), was a Swedish king of disputed historicity. According to Adam of Bremen, Emund was allied with Harold Bluetooth. Adam of Bremen only gives Eric the Victorious as successor to Emund, but he does not tell how they were related. He may very well have been the brother of Björn (III) Eriksson, who the Norse sagas name as the father of Eric the Victorious. This would have been in accordance with the Germanic system of co-rulership (Diarchy) in which two brothers were elected kings, and which was evidently used by the Swedes.
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Early Swedish History

Emund Eriksson
House of Munsö

Preceded by
Erik Ringsson
Semi-legendary king of Sweden
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